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The New Scottish Parliament at Holyrood, Edinburgh

Constitution for Scotland - the Interactive Consultation


The Westminster  style of government no longer works for Scotland - but before we leave to join the Commonwealth of Independent Nations,  let’s have a well thought out

alternative in place.

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 So here’s a draft Constitution – a word picture of good government, and because it’s all about democracy and a fairer society, can you personally make it better?  Choose just to cast your secure vote or you can propose additional content or amendments to what's already there - you can even discuss each item on its dedicated blog. 


You can choose to play your part by investing just a few minutes registering and using the Quick Vote facility. Or you can delve into the principles of popular democracy by adding your own ideas and commenting on those of others - the choice is yours and the process intuitive. And you can return again and again to update your input – right up until Independence Day!.

 But just to give you a taste of how you will

be able to participate in 2019 click the TRY IT

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NB! This is purely a demonstration site - most of the bells & whistles are absent  - and very little of it works on mobile devices - so please be patient! 


Constitution for Scotland is the name of a Scottish Charity regd. No SCO49192. Our organisation and objectives are entirely transparent and open to public scrutiny. We are not affiliated to any political party.

So please consider donating to our cause - this will be a pretty sophisticated and expensive piece of software running live until Independence Day! 

As a UK taxpayer HM Revenue will add back 25% to your charitable donation.

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The Declaration of Arbroath in 1320 recognized that all power tends to corrupt. It states that sovereignty is vested in the people and if any king failed to act in their interest then he would be promptly replaced. In more constitutional language a member may be elected for a Parliamentary term but remains fully accountable not to the executive, not to a political party  but to the people of his or her constituency.

That is not how business is done in Westminster.

With acknowledgements to Jock Ferguson of Herald Events,  Colin Maxwell & Kevin MacLeod. Thank you.

In the full working site, some visitors will wish to consider all Sections in depth;  others will have an area of special interest.  For most of us we simply need to know what we are voting for and have the opportunity to do something about the bits we don’t like.

This site contains most of what will be on the full interactive version - but without the intuitive bells & whistles which will enable you to navigate a fairly lengthy document without having to plough through unnecessary or irrelevant detail.  A click on a button should take you directly to your destination and every vote will count securely. 


This button takes you to the About Us page - a good place to start and return to if you like what you see.